UK tour operators have announced a huge surge in Winter sun bookings in the last fortnight, as many UK holidaymakers escape the extreme weather conditions being faced by all parts of the country. In fact, many tour operators have experienced a 20% higher bookings increase than previous Winters.

Traditional two-week holidays are declining in popularity, however, with 10 day breaks proving much more popular. Many holidaymakers are citing that a week’s getaway doesn’t seem long enough, especially if escaping to long haul destinations with lengthy flights, and that two weeks at this time of year either seems too long a break or simply people don’t have enough annual leave.

Another area that has seen an increase in popularity for Winter sun breaks is the number of people choosing to go away over the Christmas and New Year break.

Popular short-haul destinations continue to be that outside of the Euro – so Turkey and Egypt for example. Combined with cheaper living once in the resort and hot temperatures throughout our Winter months these destinations are ideal Winter sun countries. Average December temperatures in Sharm el-sheik in Egypt are around 25c, whilst in Bodrum in Turkey, holidaymakers can enjoy average temperatures of around 16c.

Popular long-haul destinations are proving to be the usual favorite of Orlando but also Miami has seen a huge increase in popularity this year.

Despite the increase in Winter sun bookings this year, in particular over the last couple of weeks due to the snow, there are still some very good deals to be had. Booking online especially. So if you’re thinking about escaping the snow – and there is even more forecast for this week! – then grab yourself a sunny ‘hot’ bargain, but don’t also forget about your holiday extras either, such as your airport parking.

Especially if we do have more snow as public transport usually grinds to a halt. You don’t want to miss your flight simply because the trains weren’t running and you couldn’t get to the airport! If you book in advance of travel, so once you’ve booked your Winter sun getaway, get online and book your cheap airport paring – book online for the very best prices! Also, get your foreign currency in advance – leaving it until you get to the airport will mean you don’t get as good a rate as if you booked it elsewhere. And if you are booking last minute, do not forget about your travel insurance – essential for any traveler, traveling anywhere!